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Monday September 25, 2006

client Selfpromotion

This is another of those promotional record covers I made, it´s inspired by a song that talks about a girl named Alice that is trapped in her own world trying to find herself. Ésta es otra de las portadas que hice como promoción, está inspirada en una canción que habla sobre una chica llamada Alicia atrapada en su propio mundo buscandose a sí misma. pintura alicia
►Acrylic on Illustration Board

(15) Comments

  1. Me gustan mucho tus trabajos. Te he posteado. Saludos!
    Posted by: Emmanuel on
  2. Muchas gracias Emmanuel, ya fui a ver tu blog, y tiene todo muy buena pinta.
    Posted by: Manuel Lariño on
  3. oh these images bring back memories parce.
    Posted by: mauricio salmon on
  4. I`m penn~~from China~
    like your artwork so much~
    Posted by: PENN on
  5. Thanks penn
    Posted by: Manuel Lariño on
  6. Awesome concepts & execution! Caught your link from the HOW forum, and glad I checked it out! Your work is awesome!
    Posted by: Michelle on
  7. Thanks Mija
    Posted by: Manuel Lariño on
  8. found your work on blog. Inspirational! Thanks.
    Posted by: RR Anderson on
  9. Very Creative!

    Great info on the process you take with each individual work of art!
    Posted by: Peter on
  10. Thanks rr anderson, and peter.!
    Posted by: Manuel Lariño on
  11. beautiful contrast in blues and peach. great lines. great composition. one of my favorites. great job.
    Posted by: catnapping on
  12. i like it on the the second step;)
    Posted by: Anonymous on
  13. Holy shit, this is fucking amazing.


    Now I wish I continued to pursue art >.<
    Posted by: Spazz on
  14. catnapping, anonymous, Spazz- Thanks for your kind words!
    Posted by: Manuel Larino on
  15. oh wow I love your art . It reminds me of feelings that what I wish I had the words to say .

    Posted by: tania on

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