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Wednesday November 8, 2006

I have been quite busy the past few weeks, but I will start posting some new work soon. In the mean time, here is my first promotional postcard. He estado algo ocupado las ultimas semanas, pero pronto subiré trabajos nuevos. Mientras, aquí está mi primera autopromoción en forma de postal. cover illustration
►First promotional postcard
Its being printed right now by 4by6, I just love their satin finish, the only problem is that they dont ship internationaly, so I will have them sent to my good friend and also illustrator Mirna Kantarevic. Está siendo impresa por 4by6, me encanta su acabado satinado, el único problema es que no aceptan pedidos internacionales, así que se las enviaré a mi gran amiga, y también ilustradora, Mirna Kantarevic. divider

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  1. i really like this piece in this size, with the empty space at the bottom. the compositions is nicer that way. i can't wait to see them printed either!
    Posted by: Mirna on
  2. Thanks Mirna! I also think this looks better this way, I was really happy with this illustration, but now i am even more!
    Posted by: Manuel Lariño on
  3. what's their website address?

    looks great man, looking forward to seeing new work!
    Posted by: Duncan Barton on
  4. Whats up Duncan! i guess you are asking for the website address of 4by6? well, :) hehe
    If you go to and click on "resources" you can find a lot of useful links to printing companies, or places to buy paper, envelopes, etc...
    Posted by: Manuel Lariño on
  5. Beatiful image... very good steel...

    Best regards...

    Saludos desde buenos aires...
    Posted by: Alexiev on
  6. Muchas gracias Alexiev!
    Posted by: Manuel Lariño on
  7. cool card, i want one!
    Posted by: Anonymous on
  8. cool card! I really like your stuff!
    Posted by: Pat Pakula on
  9. Thanks Pat! your stuff is really cool also!
    Posted by: Manuel Lariño on
  10. hey! snooping around your blog as well... i really love your figure designs ! very lovely :)
    Posted by: naomiful on
  11. thanks Naomi!
    Posted by: Manuel Lariño on
  12. Ey tío! buen blog!!!
    enhorabuena por tu trabajo
    Posted by: alberto vazquez on
  13. Gracias Alberto!
    Posted by: Manuel Lariño on
    EXECELENTE BLOG. Y no solo por el trabajo que muestras, sino por la coherencia que tiene con tu propia imagen corporativa.
    chulisimo el continente y chulisimo el contenido
    Posted by: Santy Gutiérrez on
  15. Gracias Santy!!! a ver si nos vemos que las ultimas veces que me pase por el estudio estaba missing!
    Posted by: Manuel Lariño on
  16. Nice work! I like how you take the simple lines & build off of them!
    -st Mars
    Posted by: Anonymous on
  17. this ones really nice. I love the composition..
    Posted by: josh on
  18. Mars - Thanks!

    Josh- Thanks for letting me know about the drawn link! hehe / Love your work!
    Posted by: Manuel Lariño on
  19. Nice work. Love the colors and compositions. I have a question about the cards. How do you get 4x6 to ship you the cards from the States? Is it expensive?

    Posted by: Anonymous on
  20. Actually, They were sent to the US, and after a friend of mine sent them to me here, it is more expensive, but I know how they print, and didnt have time to look arroundmy area for a good quality printer. But I will have to do that next time.
    Posted by: Manuel Lariño on
  21. This card is pretty enough to frame! I wish I could get a seat like that (looks more comfortable than coach class!)
    Posted by: carolita on
  22. hehe thanks Carolina! I checked out your stuff on the NewYorker, is great!
    Posted by: Manuel Lariño on
  23. Hola Manuel,

    Gracias por enseñares como lo haces. Que te vaya todo muy bien.
    Posted by: Billy on
  24. Gracias Billy
    Posted by: Manuel Lariño on
  25. wow I really like your illustrations, nice to see the process
    Posted by: Anonymous on
  26. thanks anonymous
    Posted by: Manuel Larino on
  27. Muy buen trabajo, me ha encantado… suerte

    Posted by: Espuelas on
  28. esta me gusta mucho!

    Posted by: verita on

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