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Wednesday May 16, 2007

client Paste Magazine

This is a piece I did for Paste Magazine, for an article about the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami. Esta es una ilustración que hice para Paste Magazine, para un artículo sobre el escritor Haruki Murakami. lapiz paste magazine
►Graphite on Vellum
I never read any of his books and the article made me really curious about his work, so I got "Kafka on the shore" and I cant stop reading it. No había leido nunca un libro suyo y el artículo despertó mi curiosidad por su trabajo, así que me compre "Kafka en la orilla" y no puedo parar de leerlo. ilustracion paste magazine
►Graphite + Photoshop CS2
I incorporated elements from Murakami's life, like the records, baseballs, the cat, etc...
I am really happy how it turned out, and is allways great working with Jose Reyes.
Incorporé elementos de la vida de Murakami, como los discos, pelotas de baseball, el gato, etc...
Me gustó mucho el resultado final, y siempre es un placer trabajar con Jose Reyes.

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  1. I found you trough Blogarians, and loved this illustration. I will be back! :)
    Posted by: Anonymous on
  2. Qué trabajos más buenos! Una maravilla!
    Posted by: Pirusca on
  3. I really adore your illustrations.
    It's exactly that style i love.
    So simple but also full of small details.
    Posted by: kinT on
  4. Anonymous-Thanks
    Pirusca- Muchas gracias!
    Kint-Thanks for your kind words! My style has been changing for the past year, and I am almost getting somwhere with it, I still need a lot more experimentation with it, specially with textures. Thanks
    Posted by: Manuel Larino on
  5. Muy buenos los trabajos, señor Larino.
    le voy a gregar a mi blog, como uno de mis artistas a tener en cuenta. suerte, y por lo que veo le va bien la cosa
    Posted by: D.Killer on
  6. Beautiful work! I love the sense of space and silence in your pieces. Very poetic stuff.
    Posted by: Martin Madsen on
  7. You forgot the running shoes.

    Posted by: Geoff on

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