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Wednesday October 18, 2006

client Apis Mellifera

This commission was for the cover of the first issue of "Apis Mellifera", the concept behind this magazine is to have people critic something in their field of work, for example, waiters critiquing restaurants, music store clerks critiquing albums, etc... Esto fue para la portada del nº1 de la revista "Apis Mellifera", el concepto de la revista son criticas de gente sobre su campo de trabajo, por ejemplo, camareros criticando restaurantes, dependientes en una tienda de musica criticando albums, etc... magazine cover
►Graphite + Photoshop CS2
I combined that idea with the title of the magazine "Apis Mellifera" (Honey bee). Thought it would be cool to have a big bee hive and make all those workers fly out of it. Combiné esa idea con el título de la revista "Apis Mellifera" (Abeja). Pensé que estaría bien tener una gran colmena y hacer salir de ella a todos los trabajadores volando. divider

(7) Comments

  1. nice! Cool progression, wish you showed a couple more steps. I love this piece.
    Posted by: Carlos V. on
  2. Thanks Carlos! I have to keep some steps secret! hehe, I will try to do that for the next piece.
    Posted by: Manuel Lariño on
  3. Everything here looks awesome Manuelo! I love "the all day dreamer's" piece.
    Posted by: Ruperto on
  4. Manuel, you have great concepts and really nice colors! keep up the good work!
    Posted by: Anonymous on
  5. Thanks Ruperto!!, and anonymous.
    Posted by: Manuel Lariño on
  6. Great drawing and very good composition. The honeycomb pattern is a pain to draw. Impressively done :)

    Keep it up :)
    Posted by: Mirland on
  7. Thanks Mirland! the pain was making the perspective work! I am not sure if i acomplished it!
    Posted by: Manuel Lariño on

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